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The Eton Internal Door By Deanta

The Deanta Eton is a beautiful white primed unfinished oak veneer. door It has a solid core, making it robust and durable. This north American white crown cut door has the classic Shaker style with straight-cut edges and two pairs of panels of slightly different sizes providing an interesting look while still retaining its simplicity and chicness. Add a touch of classic style to any room of your home with Deanta's Eton Door. With its straight-cut edges and two pairs of panels of slightly different sizes, this White Primed door provides an interesting yet simple look that will never go out of style.

Eton White Primed Doors

Deanta Eton doors provide the perfect balance between a crisp, clean finish and limitless potential; with Deanta's white primed doors, you can let your personality shine through with decorative touches! This pristine white base coats each door and allows you to customize the look of each room in your home. Regardless of the choice, whether to go contemporary or classic, bold or subtle, Deanta Eton white primed doors enable you to achieve any desired look.

Eton Unfinished Oak Doors

Unfinished oak doors offer homeowners the opportunity to customize the look of their entryway. Deanta's Eton unfinished oak interior doors are crafted from high quality oak that's designed to look beautiful and last for years to come. Fully customisable, Deanta Eton doors are available in numerous sizes and styles, ensuring that your door perfectly matches the style and size of your entryway. Plus, each Deanta Eton door boasts an elegant profile and durable construction to keep you safe while adding a touch of style to your home. Whether you plan on oiling or staining your Denta Eton door, its natural beauty will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

With a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, a generous, carpenter-friendly trim allowance and variations of style which include the glass door or fire door version This Eton interior door by Deanta is sure to have the desired style that you are looking for.

Our team is comprised of experienced technicians and specialists who can provide guidance from start to finish. Whether you need help picking the right Deanta Eton door for your needs or want to discuss your door furniture options, we're here to offer our insight. Call us today 01455566566 we'd love to answer all of your questions! Or if your prefer you can email us at [email protected]