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  1. Sandringham Black Finish Internal Door
    Sandringham Black Prefinished Internal Door
    £166.95 Regular Price £185.50
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  2. Malmo Black Prefinished Internal Door
    Malmo Black Prefinished Internal Door
    £195.75 Regular Price £217.50
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  3. Sandringham Black Finish Bevelled Glazed Door
    Sandringham Black Prefinished Bevelled Glazed Door
    £202.05 Regular Price £224.50
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  4. Sandringham Black Finish FD30 Fire Door
    Sandringham Black Prefinished FD30 Fire Door
    £209.25 Regular Price £232.50
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Deanta Black Prefinished Internal Doors

Deanta black prefinished interior doors are a beautiful addition to any home looking for an elegant and stunning style. Their dark hue creates a classic, sophisticated look that stands the test of time. The sleek finish pairs perfectly with any existing color scheme in your home, making these doors a wise decision when considering an update or remodel. Their classic design offers a timeless style and they come in a variety of styles, including glazed and fire door options. The Deanta Dalston door is perfect for contemporary spaces while the Deanta Camden black door adds a touch of elegance to more traditional settings.
Durable and long-lasting, they’re an ideal choice when looking to raise the value of your home or add charm to a newly constructed space. Black pre-finished interior doors can bring innovative style to any room, from bedrooms to bathrooms and beyond.


Not only will they add the perfect amount of sophistication and style, but these doors also come with additional advantages and benefits. The surface is already treated, so painting or sealing isn't necessary for protection from the elements. Furthermore, installation is easy compared with unfinished doors and can often be completed by following simple, straightforward instructions.
They come pre-finished in a high-quality black paint, so you don’t need to worry about applying additional coats of paint or varnish after installation. Deanta black prefinished interior doors are the perfect choice to improve your home's aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank. With a range of different styles and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect door for your home.

Carpenter Friendly

All Deanta black internal doors are supplied with an easy trim for quick and accurate installation. A substantial trim allowance makes them a great choice for DIYers and carpenters alike. If you do need to trim your internal door to fit to size we highly recommend sealing the trimmed edges with a suitable black paint before hanging to ensure that you get the full protection provided. Complete your decor by adding a touch of glamour with our stunning  door hardware.

For more information on Deanta Black Prefinished internal doors, get in touch with us today! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have - contact us on 01455566566 or email [email protected].