Choosing a Bespoke Door: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Why choose a made to measure door, you ask?

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Bespoke doors provide you with the opportunity to fulfill your project needs, and they give you more choice and flexibility when it comes to specific finishes and innovative designs. We all take pride in our home’s interior and it’s evident that doors can make a huge impact on the feel and look of a room – but there are times when standard sized doors just do not work, literally! This is when bespoke designs come to the rescue, and they certainly do not compromise on design, style, and quality.

If you had the choice to create your own bespoke internal door, do you know what style to create in order to compliment your interior design and add to its character? If you’re searching for a modern oak door, or even a white primed door with your finishing touches added, see below for our ultimate buyers guide on choosing the perfect bespoke door.

Choose Your Size

Custom specific sized doors are tailored to your requirements to ensure the design and installation process is as smooth as ever, so it couldn’t be easier. Made to measure doors have a range of benefits – they help reduce noise levels, maintain heat levels, and of course, help freshen up the home and it’s interior. You should browse which style door you would like to be customised before anything else, that’s your starting point!

Go for a Bespoke Fire Door

If you’re already going down the bespoke route, you might as well stay protected and opt for a fire door too! Custom made fire doors can significantly help if a fire was to occur within your home, as their prime purpose is to protect and prevent fires from spreading further.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to compromise on style when you’re choosing a custom fire door – the only difference between a fire door and a standard door is the thickness and the solid core construction. You can also customise a fire door by choosing fire resistant glass, handles, knobs, locks and more.

bespoke fire door in oak The Bespoke Seville Pre-Finished Oak Fire Door.

Find Your Style

If you’re looking to completely renovate your current interior or you’re just starting work on a new development project, the interior design is what drives the overall project so it should be the number one focus. Do you prefer traditional, modern or contemporary style doors? What kind of impact and feel would you like someone to have as soon as they walk into a room? We have a useful guide on choosing interior door styles, so pop on over there if you get a bit stuck.

There are many interior trends that have made their comeback this year, so if you need inspiration for individuality and character for your interior, get yourself on Pinterest for awesome and innovative ideas and pictures!

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Choose Your Finish

doorfinishesIf you’re looking for a flawless finish of your own choosing, you have the freedom to do so – so it’s all in your hands. With various different finishes available, they are able to bring out the natural beauty and quality of the door, so the overall design has an impact like no other.

Unfinished Oak – Unfinished oak bespoke doors offer a little more flexibility as if you opt for this choice, it means you are responsible for the finishes. This is a common choice for those who are drawn to colours which are off the shelf. If you’re looking for an unfinished bespoke door, get your painting apron on!

Prefinished Oak – A prefinished oak bespoke door is when it has already been given a finish and is prepared for installation, meaning you can just sit back and relax. Unlike unfinished doors, prefinished doors have already had a bit of TLC with either paint, varnish or wax depending on your preference.

Walnut Finish – Our bespoke walnut doors are available prefinished and are more suited towards contemporary interiors. They provide a magnificent, rich tone with unique markings in the wood.

Abachi Grey Finish – Abachi grey provides a unique finish for all types of different interiors.

White Primed Finish – White primed finishes have become exceedingly popular within many modern homes, so it’s no surprise it’s popular with bespoke doors too! With a white primed finish, it provides more light, as well as the ability to maximise space within rooms.

The Extras

Clear or obscure glass
Aluminum inlay strips

Place Your Bespoke Order

If you’ve chosen your size, found your ideal design and added your extras, you’re all done! Bespoke solutions often seem daunting but if you require assistance for your bespoke door, don’t hesitate to There are many get in touch with us!

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