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Our bi-fold doors are a perfect solution for small and confined rooms. These are apt for those areas that have limited space. Swing doors are difficult to install in small spaces. The bi-fold doors fold at their centre and need far less space while opening and closing.

These doors are competent enough to tackle all the space related issues. The designing of these doors is very attractive. The use of the wood, grain finish, and glazed glasses gives them an ultimate look. The glass panel with an ornate pattern works further beauty these doors. Made from grade-A timber, our bi-fold doors are durable and strong. These doors come as pre-sanded and ready to oil, wax or paint in unfinished form.

Advantages of Bi-Fold Doors

There are several advantages of the Bi-Fold Doors. These advantages make them the most preferred ones among house owners. The lighting and aesthetic appeal are two major merits associated with these doors. The main advantages of Bi-Fold Doors are as below:

  • Save Space:

    This is the most important of all the advantages of the Bi-Fold Doors. Their design and layout saves space and gives enough room. These doors, fixed at one end, cover the least space with the help of the simple doors. As these are not sliding, the internal space on the floor is not blocked or divided. The Bi-Fold doors are especially useful in confined and small areas. You cannot install the patio or the sliding rail doors in the dressing or the lobby. Here, bi-fold doors are perfect.

  • Allows Natural Light:

    Allows Natural Light: This is the second advantage of the Bi-Fold Doors. These doors provide enough space on the walls. This feature allows the impressive amount of light inside the room. This further enhances the interior of the room, making it look more appealing. There are several designs available and glass panels are the most interesting features. The glass-panelled doors allow most of the light to enter the room, even through closed doors. When used in inner areas, these doors work as pretty good room dividers.

  • Enhanced Security:

    These doors offer better security options. They have many locking points across the sliding channel. In this way the Bi-Fold doors are more secure than the glass doors and others with single locking unit. They are the most preferred doors for areas like bedrooms. They are suitable for similar areas that seek privacy.

  • Easy Maintenance:

    There is one great advantage of using Bi- Fold doors. They are easy to handle and do not need a lot of maintenance. Simple cleaning is more than enough. The cleaning requires minimal efforts. Unlike the complex design windows, a simple vacuum cleaner and a mop will wipe the dirt.

  • Excellent Looks:

    These doors add to the beauty of the house. As they cover large areas of the wall, customization is very easy with these doors. Along with this, these doors are available in various attractive designs. You can use the decorative glasses in some of the designs for the Bi-Fold doors.

These advantages make Bi-Fold doors one of the most popular options. That is why most of the people prefer them over other options for home remodelling and designing.

What are the different types?

A Bi-Fold Door is the best option if you intend to use the entire space of the area. You can fold them with ease, without covering up space.

These doors provide complete access to the rooms. Other doors, like the sliding panels, do not provide full access.

Along with this, these are available in various colors and designs to suit the interiors. There are six main types of the Bi-Fold Doors that are available in the market. There are four types of the Bi-Fold doors that are in trend for the internal purpose. These six types are as below:

  • 1. Bi-Fold Doors for Closet:

    These Bi-fold Doors are the most used and preferred doors. They can fit into small and limited spaces with ease, where other doors fail to fit. They don’t hide the closet like the sliding panels. These don’t come in the way so you can position your closet as you please.

  • 2. Bi-Fold Doors for Kitchen / Wash space:

    As the name suggests, these Bi-Fold Doors are useful for areas like the kitchen and Wash space. Swing doors, generally do not work here. Bi-Fold Doors keep the noise of the washing machine or the dishwasher away from the rest of the house. Also, they are compact enough to provide airy space.

  • 3. Bi-Fold Doors as Room Dividers:

    These doors can also serve as room dividers in large rooms and areas where space is huge. This feature is pretty helpful. This helps in creating small private areas within large rooms that can create more room. These small areas have great utility potential. These doors are easy to install and can create two rooms out of a big hall.

  • 4. Bi-Fold doors with several Panels for Hangar / Garage:

    Bi-Fold Doors under this category are not meant for internal spaces. They are, but, very important. Their layout is in the upside down fashion, unlike the side-wise folding doors. They are ideal for the Garages and the hanger areas. These doors help in saving a lot of space as compared to swing doors.

  • 5. Bi-Fold Doors for external areas:

    Keeping large open areas in front of the house is the central thought while construction of a house. These gates allow commotion. Bi-Fold doors are quite useful when used for these open areas. These doors go along with the idea of providing enough space at the entrance. They also provide reliable security to the house. These doors are heavier than the internal doors and weather resistant.

  • 6. Bi-Fold doors for Acoustical Requirements:

    The structure and design of these doors provide a nice sound proof feature. These doors are ideal for libraries, Churches, theaters and studios. The uses are not confined to these places. For any area that needs sound proofing, these are the best.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several other uses of Bi-Fold doors. They are modifiable and you can personalize them as per the needs. These six types are the most common types of the Bi-Fold Doors that used in different ways.

Tips on choosing the right Bi-Fold door

Keeping your needs and requirements in mind, while buying a door, is very crucial. Below are some prudent facts, worth taking into consideration while selecting doors. This will guide you to the right product and help you make a wise decision. The points are as below:

  • Decide the right Type of Door:

    You can choose from a variety of doors but choosing the right door is more prudent. Choosing a door that meets your needs over a door that is appealing is sensible. This helps in serving the purpose, saving time and heaps of money.

  • Count on the Advantages:

    Apart what we have described above, the benefits of Bi-Fold doors are amazing. They add luxury to the interiors. Also, they provide enough room for other things. This feature is not available with other alternatives.

  • Select on the Right Materials:

    These doors are generally made from wood and aluminum. Glass variants are also available. It is very important to choose the door that is suitable for you. All timber doors or doors with a combination of aluminum and wood are also available. You may also go the glass doors. It all comes down to your requirements.

  • Discard the UPVC Frames:

    These frames are not worth your money, efforts and time. Choosing the right frame is very essential. Wooden frames are ideal and very much preferred. Metal frames also serve the purpose right.

  • Don’t get confused with the Alternatives:

    It is a frequent observation that users get confused a lot. This confusion is among the alternatives of the Bi-Fold doors. There are several alternatives like the sliding doors or the slings. Apart from these, there are room dividers and glass partitions. While selecting a door type, you must always be mindful of your need and the kind of result you want to see.

  • Focus on the Thickness, Width, and the Frame styles:

    If you fail to keep these things in mind, you may end up wasting your money. It is important to take professional help in selecting the right door. Professionals will guide you through the sail. They will help you pick the right door, keeping in mind the thickness, width and frame style.

  • Keep in Budget:

    If budget is not a constraint, you can choose from any of the products. But, if money constraints are there, then you must choose the door that is cost effective. This will make sure you do not exceed your budget and end up spending more than expected.

Popular styles of Bi-Fold Doors

There are various styles of the Bi-Fold doors that are available in the market. You can choose the right one for your house with much ease. These styles are tailor made to meet the basic interior style of your houses. It is important to find the right type of door with perfect style to suit your needs. The most popular styles of the Bi-Fold Doors are as below:

  1. Glazed
  2. 1930s
  3. Contemporary
  4. French Door
  5. Mexicano
  6. Pattern 10
  7. Victorian Panel Doors

The market is flourishing with various designs and styles. Each style is unique and demanding. Different designs are available with different manufacturers. Apart from the above-mentioned styles, you may have many options in the market to choose from.

Installing your Bi-Fold Doors

Installation of doors is no rocket science. But, a professional installation is always better than a layman one. The simple two-panel door, for the closet and other small areas, is fixable with screws and drills. Bi-Fold doors with many panels and heavy structures need professional hands. Improper installation can damage the doors and ruin the structure. Thus proper and systematic installation is advisable.

The manufacturers offer easy installation services to their customers.

Professional hands help gain returns for your precious investments. Following are the basic points that one must keep in mind about installations:

  • 1. Select the right structure to install the door:

    If you are investing hefty on something, you would want equal results. The same applies to doors. You can’t stuff a door in a frame. You must find the appropriate door to fit your structure. If you do not keep this rule in mind, fixing will become impossible. Most of the houses are suitable for bi-Fold doors. Thus, in such houses, installation becomes easy.

  • 2. Go for the professional installations:

    This saves you from the hassles related to installations. You must look for professional service providers, to help you fix your doors the perfect way. Only the professionals have the skills and tools to install these doors.

  • 3. Get the space measured before ordering the doors:

    The measurements play a critical role in fixing the doors. It is important for you to get the space measured before the installation of the doors. This helps in saving the complications arising at the time of installations.

  • 4. Trim the doors to keep them safe:

    Considering the size of the frame and the structure, trimming might become necessary. The standard doors are modifiable as per the specifications for them. Following the instructions for trimming the doors is very necessary. Excess trimming can damage the doors.

  • 5. Choose the right frame for installations:

    Finding the appropriate frame for your doors is an essential part of the installation. An unstable frame will not be able to hold the door. A frame that fails to support the door makes the installation difficult. Don’t choose frames that are not compatible with your doors.

  • 6. Select the standard sized door only:

    All the designs are according to the standard measurements and layouts. Yet, it is advisable to look for those doors that meet your need criterion. Trimming of the doors is an option too.

All these features make the installation process very convenient. Do not forget to visit the bi fold doors. Browse through a wonderful collection of doors. An excellent collection and a great experience are a click away.

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